Tableau Data Viz Catalogue

Tableau Tutorials for creating all your required chart types

Gauge Charts (With Arrow)more_vert
Gauge Charts (With Arrow)close

Creating a Guage Chart (With Arrow) in Tableau

Circular KPIsmore_vert
Circular KPIsclose

Creating a Circular KPIs in Tableau

Rounded Gantt Chartsmore_vert
Rounded Gantt Chartsclose

Creating a Rounded Gantt Chart in Tableau

Single Level Sankey Diagrammore_vert
Single Level Sankey Diagramclose

Creating a Single Level Sankey Diagram in Tableau

Podium Bar Chartsmore_vert
Podium Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Podium Bar Chart in Tableau

Curved Polar Chartsmore_vert
Curved Polar Chartsclose

Creating a Curved Polar Chart in Tableau

Sketchy Bar Chartsmore_vert
Sketchy Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Sketchy Bar Chart in Tableau

Polar Chartsmore_vert
Polar Chartsclose

Creating a Polar Chart in Tableau

Parallel Setsmore_vert
Parallel Setsclose

Creating Parallel Sets in Tableau

Win-Loss Chartsmore_vert
Win-Loss Chartsclose

Creating Win-Loss Chart in Tableau

Radial Column Chartmore_vert
Radial Column Chartclose

Creating Radial Column Chart in Tableau

Bezier Curvemore_vert
Bezier Curveclose

Creating a Bezier Curve in Tableau

Wilkinson Plotsmore_vert
Wilkinson Plotsclose

Creating a Wilkinson Plot in Tableau

Tilted Bar Chartsmore_vert
Tilted Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Tilted Bar Chart in Tableau

Circular Network Chartsmore_vert
Circular Network Chartsclose

Creating a Circular Network Chart in Tableau

Jitter Stacked Bar Chartsmore_vert
Jitter Stacked Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Jitter Stacked Bar Chart in Tableau

Gradient Radial Bar Chartsmore_vert
Gradient Radial Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Gradient Radial Bar Charts in Tableau

Negative Space Area Chartsmore_vert
Negative Space Area Chartsclose

Creating a Negative Space Area Charts in Tableau

Multi-Level Dendrogram Chartsmore_vert
Multi-Level Dendrogram Chartsclose

Creating a Multi-Level Dendrogram Charts in Tableau

Half-Circle Timeline Chartsmore_vert
Half-Circle Timeline Chartsclose

Creating a Half-Circle Timeline Chart in Tableau

Negative Space Bar Chartsmore_vert
Negative Space Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Negative Space Bar Chart in Tableau

Spiral Stacked Line Chartsmore_vert
Spiral Stacked Line Chartsclose

Creating a Spiral Stacked Line Chart in Tableau

Petal Polygon Chartsmore_vert
Petal Polygon Chartsclose

Creating a Petal Polygon Chart in Tableau

Floating Bar Chartsmore_vert
Floating Bar Chartsclose

Creating a floating Bar Chart in Tableau

Square Arc Chartsmore_vert
Square Arc Chartsclose

Creating a Square Arc Chart in Tableau

Curved Bar Chartsmore_vert
Curved Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Curved Bar Chart in Tableau

Path Chartsmore_vert
Path Chartsclose

Creating a Path Chart in Tableau

Step Line Chartsmore_vert
Step Line Chartsclose

Creating a Step Line Chart in Tableau

Dendrogram Charts (Rounded Bars)more_vert
Dendrogram Charts (Rounded Bars)close

Creating a Denderogram with Rounded Bar Chart in Tableau

Squred Spiral Column Chartsmore_vert
Squred Spiral Column Chartsclose

Creating a Square Spiral Column Chart in Tableau

Dendrogram Charts (Single Level)more_vert
Dendrogram Charts (Single Level)close

Creating a Single Level Dendrogram Chart in Tableau

Variable Width Bar Chartsmore_vert
Variable Width Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Variable Width Bar Chart in Tableau

Spiral Column Chartsmore_vert
Spiral Column Chartsclose

Creating a Spiral Column Chart in Tableau

Nolan Chartsmore_vert
Nolan Chartsclose

Creating a Nolan Chart in Tableau

Completion Gantt Chartsmore_vert
Completion Gantt Chartsclose

Creating a Completion Gantt Chart in Tableau

Square Bump Chartsmore_vert
Square Bump Chartsclose

Creating a Square Bump Chart in Tableau

Error Margin Chartsmore_vert
Error Margin Chartsclose

Creating an Error Margin Chart in Tableau

Radial Jitter Bar Chartsmore_vert
Radial Jitter Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Radial Jitter Bar Chart in Tableau


Creating a Rootogram Chart in Tableau

Textured Bar Chartsmore_vert
Textured Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Textured Bar Chart in Tableau

Histogram with Normal Curvemore_vert
Histogram with Normal Curveclose

Creating a Histogram with Normal Curve in Tableau

Gradient Pie Chartsmore_vert
Gradient Pie Chartsclose

Creating a Gradient Pie Chart in Tableau

OHLC Chartsmore_vert
OHLC Chartsclose

Creating a Open-High-Low-Close Chart in Tableau

3D Bar Chartsmore_vert
3D Bar Chartsclose

Creating a 3D Bar Chart in Tableau

Marrimekko Chartmore_vert
Marrimekko Chartclose

Creating a Marrimekko Chart in Tableau

Pudding Chartsmore_vert
Pudding Chartsclose

Creating a Pudding Chart in Tableau

Floating Icon Bar Chartsmore_vert
Floating Icon Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Floating Icon Bar Charts in Tableau

Radial Column Chartsmore_vert
Radial Column Chartsclose

Creating a Radial Column Chart in Tableau

Coxcomb Chartsmore_vert
Coxcomb Chartsclose

Creating a Coxcomb Chart in Tableau

Gradient Bar Chartsmore_vert
Gradient Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Gradient Bar Chart in Tableau

Radial Stacked Bar Chartsmore_vert
Radial Stacked Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Radial Stacked Bar Chart in Tableau

Quadrant Plotsmore_vert
Quadrant Plotsclose

Creating a Quadrant Plot in Tableau

Bar with Trend Chartsmore_vert
Bar with Trend Chartsclose

Creating a Bar with Trend Chart in Tableau

Gauge Chartsmore_vert
Gauge Chartsclose

Creating a Gauge Chart in Tableau

Volume Dial Chartsmore_vert
Volume Dial Chartsclose

Creating a Volume Dial Chart in Tableau

Half-Circle Gauge Chartsmore_vert
Half-Circle Gauge Chartsclose

Creating a Half-Circle Gauge Chart in Tableau

Calendar Circle Chartsmore_vert
Calendar Circle Chartsclose

Creating a Calendar Circle Chart in Tableau

Rounded Stacked Bar Chartsmore_vert
Rounded Stacked Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Rounded Stacked Bar Chart in Tableau

Layered Area Chartsmore_vert
Layered Area Chartsclose

Creating a Layered Area Chart in Tableau

Jitter Bar Chartsmore_vert
Jitter Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Jitter Bar Chart in Tableau

Spiral Hex Chartsmore_vert
Spiral Hex Chartsclose

Creating a Spiral Hex Chart in Tableau

Square Area Chartsmore_vert
Square Area Chartsclose

Creating a Square Area Chart in Tableau

Neon Bar Chartsmore_vert
Neon Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Neon Bar Chart in Tableau

Layered Filled Circle Chartsmore_vert
Layered Filled Circle Chartsclose

Creating a Layered Filled Circle Chart in Tableau

Ternary Plotsmore_vert
Ternary Plotsclose

Creating a Ternary Plot in Tableau

Tally Chartsmore_vert
Tally Chartsclose

Creating a Tally Chart in Tableau

Curved Bar Chartsmore_vert
Curved Bar Chartsclose

Creating Curved Bar Charts in Tableau

Triangle Bar Chartsmore_vert
Triangle Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Triangle Bar Chart in Tableau

Candlestick Chartsmore_vert
Candlestick Chartsclose

Creating a Candlestick Chart in Tableau

Hex Mapsmore_vert
Hex Mapsclose

Creating a Hex Map in Tableau

Sigmoid Area Chartsmore_vert
Sigmoid Area Chartsclose

Creating a Sigmoid Area Chart in Tableau

Connected Bar Chartsmore_vert
Connected Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Connected Bar Chart in Tableau

Spiral Chartsmore_vert
Spiral Chartsclose

Creating a Spiral Chart in Tableau

Arrow Doughnut Chartsmore_vert
Arrow Doughnut Chartsclose

Creating a Arrow Doughnut Chart in Tableau

Cylinder Chartsmore_vert
Cylinder Chartsclose

Creating a Cylinder Chart in Tableau

Waffle Chartsmore_vert
Waffle Chartsclose

Creating a Waffle Chart in Tableau

Circular Jitter Plotsmore_vert
Circular Jitter Plotsclose

Creating a Circular Jitter Plot in Tableau

Filled Circle Chartsmore_vert
Filled Circle Chartsclose

Creating a Filled Circle Chart in Tableau

Dot Quadrant Chartsmore_vert
Dot Quadrant Chartsclose

Creating a Dot Quadrant Chart in Tableau

Pyramid Step Chartsmore_vert
Pyramid Step Chartsclose

Creating a Pyramid Step Chart in Tableau

Thermometer Chartsmore_vert
Thermometer Chartsclose

Creating a Thermometer Chart in Tableau

Circle Dot Chartsmore_vert
Circle Dot Chartsclose

Creating a Circle Dot Chart in Tableau

Waterfall Chartsmore_vert
Waterfall Chartsclose

Creating a Waterfall Chart in Tableau

Shaped Bar Chartsmore_vert
Shaped Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Shaped Bar Chart in Tableau

Radial Fan Chartsmore_vert
Radial Fan Chartsclose

Creating a Radial Fan Chart in Tableau

Daisy Chartsmore_vert
Daisy Chartsclose

Creating a Daisy Chart in Tableau

Connected Weighted Bump Chartsmore_vert
Connected Weighted Bump Chartsclose

Creating a Connected Weighted Bump Chart in Tableau

Sin-Dumbbell Chartsmore_vert
Sin-Dumbbell Chartsclose

Creating a Sin-Dumbbell Chart in Tableau

Radial Rounded Bar Chartsmore_vert
Radial Rounded Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Combined Radial and Rounded Bar Charts in Tableau

Bump Chartsmore_vert
Bump Chartsclose

Creating a Bump Chart in Tableau

Rounded Doughnut Chartsmore_vert
Rounded Doughnut Chartsclose

Creating a Rounded Doughnut Chart in Tableau

Funnel Chartsmore_vert
Funnel Chartsclose

Creating a Funnel Chart in Tableau

Drop-Off Sankey Chartsmore_vert
Drop-Off Sankey Chartsclose

Creating a Dropoff Sankey Chart in Tableau

Square Radial Bar Chartsmore_vert
Square Radial Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Square Radial Bar Chart in Tableau

Radar Chartsmore_vert
Radar Chartsclose

Creating a Radar Chart in Tableau

Curved Line Chartsmore_vert
Curved Line Chartsclose

Creating a Curved Line Chart in Tableau

Petal Chartsmore_vert
Petal Chartsclose

Creating a Petal Chart in Tableau

Half-Circle Chartsmore_vert
Half-Circle Chartsclose

Creating a Half-Circle Chart in Tableau

Rounded Bar Chartsmore_vert
Rounded Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Rounded Bar Chart in Tableau

Venn Diagramsmore_vert
Venn Diagramsclose

Creating a Venn Diagram in Tableau

Packed Circle Chartsmore_vert
Packed Circle Chartsclose

Creating a Packed Circle Chart in Tableau

Process Circlesmore_vert
Process Circlesclose

Creating a Process Circle in Tableau

Radial Bar Chartsmore_vert
Radial Bar Chartsclose

Creating a Radial Bar Chart in Tableau

Dual-Metric Doughnut Chartsmore_vert
Dual-Metric Doughnut Chartsclose

Creating a Dual Metric Doughnut Chart in Tableau

Sunburst Chartsmore_vert
Sunburst Chartsclose

Creating a Sunburst Chart in Tableau